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Accurate property valuations are an integral part of today’s property market.  A property valuation is conducted by either purchasers, owners, or a lending institution (such as a bank) that is looking to fund the purchase of a property.


Normally produced as a report, a property valuation includes property information – rates, size of the land and building, physical details on the construction and condition of the dwelling, details on any immediate issues that may need addressing – as well as information on comparative sales in the area.

We cover  all real estate sectors such as residential, office, retail and industrial.


REVA is accredited RICS valuer, which implies a respect for both international professional practices and respect of ethics codes.

Feasibility Studies

All developments start by Feasibility studies which consists of providing objective assessments of market and financial feasibility for public and private investments in real estate developments. It is intended for developers, lenders and public bodies.


Briefly, a feasibilty study must assess the opportunities and constraints unique to each project area, understand supply and demand trends and target markets and develop financial models that quantify the costs and benefits of various development scenarios to help clients make informed decisions.


Having access to the right educational information and tools is essential to becoming a real estate professional in Luxembourg. Continued education also helps real estate actors maintain their skills and stay on top of the latest information.


REVA provides various trainings such as valuation methods, market analysis,  development and investment modelling.

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